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When Cat Ate The Mouse

Created on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 Written by Katriina

I remember when some years ago my grandmom made tea and she used tea cosy to cover the teapot. Because teapot is quite traditional option it’s sometimes nice to make a cosy for something completely different.

Craftster organized a contest for the rocheters to make a cosy for something that doesn’t even necessary need a cosy. Inspired by this I crocheted a cosy for my computer mouse.




Kissa 4

Making the cat took few days and it definitely wasn’t my easiest project. Still, after finishing, I felt like a did quite a good job. I was happy to notice that the members of Craftster agreed with me – yesterday the votes came in and I had won the contest! There were three other amazing cosies made for the contest also.

Unfortunately there is no pattern for this one but here is small guide of what kind of stitches I used to make the cat.

I used Novita Tennessee yarn and size 2,5 hook (suggested hook for the yarn is 3 but after making so many amigurumis I am used to use smaller hook in a projects like these). I started working from the back by chaining about 14-15 stitches. After that I turned, made single crochets (Am.) all the way to the end of the chain and to the last one I made three sc. After that I continued crocheting on the other side of the chain. Again, after reaching the other end of the chain, I made three sc to make it more round. I continued this way for sometime, always making the ends a bit bigger by increasing. When the shape of the mouse seemed to need it I used double crochet (Am.) in stead of sc.

I made the top of the back ready and then started working the top of the head in a similar way - using mainly scs and dcs when the shape of the mouse needed it. When the "upper part" of the cat was ready I started working the sides. First I went completely around (still using scs and dcs) but soon the front and back of the cat were covering the mouse already but the sides were still open. So I started working only one side using slip stitches whenever I got close to the part that was already long enough. This one is repeated to the other side of the mouse also. Sometimes I had to decrease a bit to make the shape fit the mouse. In the very last round I decreased a bit so I could make the cat stay better on the mouse.
Tongue: chain 6-7, turning and single crocheting all the way to the other end.

Ears: 4 sc in magic circle. Then sc, inc, sc, inc. After that 2x sc, inc, 2x sc, inc. Third round I made 3x sc, inc, 3x sc, inc. After the third round I had 10 sts and I just made two rounds using only scs.

Tail: 5 sc in magic circle. The second round inc all the way. After that I just made sc all the way making the tail as long as I wanted. I also changed the colour in the between to make stripes as you can see.

The stripes are just are just chains and sc, I made them all a bit different sizes.

After making all the parts I did the embroidery and sew all the parts together.

The conversation about the cat can be found from here.

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